Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sierra's Scoop

Today is a my Grandpa's 61st birthday. Happy Birthday, Grandpa!!! We had a little pawty for him tonight. Mommy made a yummy pot roast and baked one of her super delicious, organic vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.
Grandpa was so excited to try the cake he didn't blow out the candle until after he took his first bite. Here he is trying to blow out a candle with food in his mouth. Besides making him a yummy dinner and cake, Daddy and Mommy also bought Grandpa an assortment of Arturo Fuente cigars to enjoy while he goes golfing. The best part was after Grandpa finally blew out his candle, Teddy Bear and I got to enjoy our very own pieces of cake minus the home made chocolate frosting. We were in Doggy Heaven.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I felt like...

...I was at Disneyland. We all went to the store tonight. While Mommy went inside to get some eggs, Sierra and I got the hang out in front of the store. Look at this fun ride that we saw. Daddy picked me up, thinking I could sit on it but it was way too slippery. Maybe one day we'll find a ride that is pup friendly. Have any of you been one of the rides that are in front of the grocery store?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week twenty seven in the garden

I thought about entering our garden to give you the update but...it's a jungle out there!
Our lettuce is in full bloom. Mommy and Daddy are very excited since they eat salad almost every night with their dinner.
We have butternut squash in all sizes...small.
Our sweet potatoes are doing great. We are so happy they all survived the transplant.
Look at the pretty flower on the heirloom tomato plants.
Did I mention that we've been harvesting a TON of heirloom tomatoes lately?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy Saturday

This is what happened when we left our house this morning. We couldn't believe it was raining!
Our first stop was the gas station.
Then Mommy and Daddy took us to Auntie Kim's house. We had a fun time playing with Auntie Kim and Uncle Sean. Mommy and Daddy went to our cousin's 3rd birthday pawty. Look at that cool Thomas the Train cake!!! We so wish we could've been there to have some.
Here we are trying to get comfy for the ride home.
We hope everyone is having a pawesome weekend.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun but not so fun on a Friday

Mommy and Daddy went out to dinner tonight to celebrate Milo's Daddy's birthday. And guess who wasn't invited? They thought it would be fun to bring home this hat for us. A hat? Really? Sierra couldn't stop smelling it...neither could I. It smelled of great Mexican food. I wish we could've been there.
Ok, Mommy and Daddy, I think I've let you have your fun. Now, where are my tricks for wearing this hat for such a long time?
Happy weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today we are thankful for this cool award given to us by our dear friend Zelle and our dear friends Siku and Quinn. The rules say you must list seven things that others might not know about you.

Seven things about Teddy Bear

1. I was born on a persimmon farm in Sacramento. There were six of us in our Litter. A nice grandma from my Grandma and Grandpa's church adopted Me and my Brother. The nice grandma kept my Brother (who was later given to her granddaughter, who was then given to one of her friends far away...oh how we wish we would've known about that because Mommy and Daddy would've brought my Brother to live with us). The nice Grandma gifted Me to her Pastor, who gifted Me to my Grandma and Grandpa. Then Grandma and Grandpa went to Korea for Christmas and Mommy and Daddy puppysat me and Uncle Bey Bey. Mommy fell in love with me and the rest is history. Well...Mommy kept asking Grandpa if she could take me home and about a month later, he finally said yes.

2. The Pastor at Grandma and Grandpa's church named me Teddy Bear because I looked like a teddy bear stuffie...all white with black paw pads on all of my paws.

3. I have lots of black spots on my tongue. A lot of people ask if I am part Chow Chow.

4. I am a total Mommy's Boy. I follow Mommy everywhere she goes...and she's always on the go.

5. I have four black hairs on my body...one on my face, one by my ear, one on my tummy, and one right above my tail.

6. I don't like crunchy cookies...except for Dugan's Barkery cookies.

7. I don't like to be too close to my sister, Sierra. If she gets too close, I let out a gentle growl to let her know that she's invading my personal space.

Seven things about Sierra

1. I am always looking for food. My nose is always close the ground...it doesn't matter if we're at home or on a walkie. Mommy and Daddy think it has to do with me living on my own in the streets before they rescued me.

2. I can catch anything you throw at me. There is nothing too high, too low, too far to the right, or too far to the left that will not end up in my mouth.

3. I am a total Daddy's girl. I follow him everywhere he goes. When he goes to work, I become Mommy's girl.

4. I love belly rubs and getting scratched behind my ears.

5. I love to snuggle.

6. I love to play...with everything...my toys, sticks, pinecones, you name it.

7. Lastly, Teddy Bear and I are both very thankful for the wonderful community in the blog world. Even though there are so many that we've never met in the fur, we love everyone and are so very glad for the wonderful friendships that we've made. Thank you!!!

We would like to pass this on to:

P.S. Be sure to go on by and say hi to Inky and Molly. They are having a special give-a-way.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sierra's Scoop

Wow it is really HOT! It was 90 degrees when we went walking at 9 pm but it was still too hot so we had to take the short way home. To help cool us down Teddy asked for ice cream but for now we settled on ice cubes in our water bowl. The trick to eating ice around here is to not drop it on the hardwood floor because its impawsible to pick it back up with only your teeth. If you can make it there, the best place to eat ice is on Mommy and Daddy's bed.
Teddy and I like to take turns sitting in front of the fan. Sometimes it feels so good that I fall asleep. He doesn't mind though. If I take too long, he just waits. Brothers are the best!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Azure Monday

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!! Look at all our goodies from Azure Standard this month. Oats for my dinner (and homemade granola). Emergen-C for Daddy. Zukay salad dressing for salads. Soap to get us clean. Vanilla for baking. Honey for our cookies, tea, granola, and yogurt. Avocados for salads, sandwiches, and guacamole. I've never had it but Mommy and Daddy love them. They love avocados so much that they sometimes eat them plain. I think I need a snack now. How about you?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week twenty six in the garden

We have lots and lots of tomatoes coming in!!!
And look, our lettuce is starting to take off.
Our butternut squash grew a ton this week.
Our strawberries are so yummy. We harvest them almost every day.
And yes, we still have loads and loads of zucchini.
The rosemary smells really good.
We have four watermelon coming in right now. Look at these two that are side by side.
Mommy is very excited about all the bell peppers.
She thinks that the perilla is really pretty.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Today's harvest

Look at the size of this heirloom tomato! It's as big as a cantaloupe.
We harvested lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, and our first onion. That was very exciting!
Daddy and Grandpa played golf today and Mommy was busy preserving all the tomatoes. We enjoyed the cool weather and took lots of naps.

What did you do today?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Not so fun on a Friday

Guess what today was, Friends? Bath day! Can you believe Mommy wanted to do a photo shoot in the middle of my bath?
Ok, Mommy, no more pictures, please. I'm ready to be dried. My total bath time=2 hours.
Sierra was next. She hates baths more than I do. She's so happy because she's almost done. Sierra's total bath time=1 hour.
And the result=2 clean, fluffy white pups.
This is what Mommy pulled out of the lint screen from the dryer after washing our bath towels.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for homemade meatballs. Mommy made meatloaf for dinner tonight. Since there is always extra beef left she always makes meatballs for us. Aren't they cute?
We could hardly wait. I was very focused on the meatball. I think Sierra could almost taste it.
Here's the first one.
Then Sierra was next.
Sierra and I ate all of those meatballs...not in one sitting. And no, Mommy and Daddy did not get any.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sierra's Scoop

Teddy Bear is pretty amazing. He can eat all kinds of fruit without making a funny face. Apples, oranges, blueberries, bananas, even kiwi and pineapple. But not me. The only time I eat fruit is when I am really hungry. Today I was proud to try our own homegrown heirloom cantaloupe. The smell was wonderful and I could hardly wait.
But as you can see, one bite was enough. I think I'm gonna let my pawrents and Teddy enjoy the rest of this one. Yuck.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Musical Monday

Music, Music, Music. All I hear lately is music. Mommy is the singer and Daddy is the musician. They have been practicing a lot. I like the sound of the guitar. It can be very pretty to my ears. And the keyboard is fun. It sounds like bamboo wind chimes or a weird dog bark that I don't think is real cause it sounds more like a robot dog from the Jetsons than anything I would bark out loud. The tall guitar is a bass and I sort of have mixed feelings about it in general. At first I feel the vibrations right through my paws and that kind of tickles. Then my whiskers start buzzing and the whole house starts rattling and I can't tell if were having an earthquake or as Daddy calls it being "Attacked by the Bass Waves." I think My favorite is Mommy's singing voice. It is so pretty. Daddy told me Mommy sings like an Angel and I believe it. Oh and my least favorite is definitely the drums. Daddy's Djembe isn't too bad but a real drum set is just plain scary. Violent thumping on the kick drum, hard hitting snares, crashing cymbals. It is just too much for my ears to handle. Do your parents play an instrument?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week twenty five in the garden

Our butternut squash grew a lot this past week!
We still have lots of zucchini coming...that means lots of bread, muffins, brownies, and more.
We have two ears of corn growing right now. Here is the biggest one.
I'm so excited that we have another watermelon growing!!!
Here are our cherry tomatoes...some harvested and some almost ready to harvest.
Our basil plant is doing really, really well.
And so are our sweet potatoes.
I hope you all had a pawesome weekend!