Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sierra's Scoop

Hi everybody, have I ever told you that I really like soft things? This is a picture of me lying on one of my favorite blankets. I found it stacked on top of a bunch of blankets in a wicker basket. I still haven't gotten used to my new bed so I had to improvise. Mommy said I should be a cat. What do you think?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Guess who's...

...back?! The AT&T U-verse lady came to our home bright and early today. She took a few hours but we are up and running. How did life exist before the Internet? We're so excited to catch up with all of our friends and see what's been going on this last week. Mommy says it'll take a few days for us to catch up on everyone's blogs so please be patient with us. Mommy and Daddy are mostly done unpacking. There are still a few boxes laying around. Mommy says it's the little things that are the hardest to put away. I've been enjoying the windy day. Daddy says the rain is coming. I hope my magic powers work. How did you spend your Monday?

3.28.2010~ Week five in the garden

I am very sad to say that Daddy had to kill our very big and much loved Italian parsley plant this weekend. After lots of digging and much consideration Daddy said it was too big to transplant. I am very happy to report we successfully transplanted all five of our already blooming strawberry plants. Mommy and Daddy also planted our Yukon Gold potatoes this weekend. Hopefully they will be sprouting in about three weeks. The rest of our sprouts are doing great and almost ready to be planted in our new garden. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about reaping what we sow. Harvest time here I come.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today we...

said bye bye to my first home. This is the only home that we've ever known. Mommy and Daddy worked hard all day cleaning and vacuuming. Our should I say vacuuming and cleaning? They must've vacuumed 100 times or so to make sure they got all of our hair. There was A LOT. We will miss our first home and we will miss not being able to become friends with Raiden but we do love our new home.:)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun on a Friday

Sierra and I can hear a pup on the other side of our fence. We wonder what kind of dog he/she is. Is he/she friendly? Will he/she want to be friends so we can have lots of play dates? We sure can't wait to meet him/her. I can already tell that we are all going to have some fun with him/her.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for our iMac. A cerTain phone company forgoT t0 turn on our DSL service. So we won't be able to check your blogs until Monday. Mommy went to Daddy's work to keep up with our daily blog. She was going to add photos but she said writing on them took way too long. She pointed out how easy things are on our iMac. When she first got her iMac she was frustrated for about one month getting used to all the new features. Now she says it is so easy to use that using the other computer is now hard for her. Thank you iMac before making our blogging lives so much simpler.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week four in the garden

It's been one whole month since we started our garden. The strawberries are slowly growing and I am already excited to harvest them. The seedlings are growing stronger and stronger every day. Daddy says we will be plating more seeds soon. I wonder what kind they'll be?

Sierra's Scoop

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope you're all enjoying Spring. I sure am. I love the warm weather and love that Mr. Sun is out for such a long time. There is still a lot of commotion going on at our new house. A lot of the boxes have been unpacked but Mommy says there are still quite a few more to go. I'm enjoying long naps and sunbathing in our backyard. How are you all enjoying Spring?

Monday, March 22, 2010

A new friend

We have a new friend. Her name is Zoe. She is just a baby and very tiny. Mommy and Daddy's friend brought her over the other night. They think she is a Yorkie mix. We wonder what she is mixed with? We will post pictures of her tomorrow. She is the smallest pup we've ever seen. We can't wait to see her again.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week three in the garden

Happy 2nd day of Spring, everyone! The unpacking is going very well. Mommy got most of the kitchen unpacked while Daddy worked on unpacking the bedroom stuff. Sierra and I napped a lot since we didn't nap at all yesterday. We went for a great walk around the neighborhood. Daddy tried to play a trick on me during our walk. I was looking around our new neighborhood while Daddy was impatiently waiting for me so we could cross the street. As soon as he got my attention, he said, "Let's go!" I was in full sprint mode and took 2 steps before I realized that the sidewalk was ending. I stopped and sat like a good boy. Sneaky, sneaky, Daddy. I always sit before crossing the street. Our garden is doing well. I am so excited that there are strawberries growing. I hope the birds don't get to them before we do. All of our seedlings are sprouting like weeds. They'll be ready to go into the ground before we know it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Moving Day...more to come later

It's moving day for us! Mommy did not sleep last night and Daddy slept just a few hours. Mommy and Daddy were so thankful to have so many of our family members and friends come help with the move today. Mommy says we are very blessed. The move went very smoothly. Mommy says that moving is one of her least favorite things...well, the packing and unpacking anyway. We hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun on a Friday

I was sad to see my futon sell at our garage sale over the weekend. My favorite napping spot was underneath that futon. Now that it's gone, Daddy had a fun idea to provide a make shift futon until we move. Do you like it? I wasn't too sure about it at first but now I've gotten used to it. I feel very cozy in my little fortress.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for raw milk. Mommy and Daddy let us have the last bit of their milk every time they drink it. If I am in another room, I come running as soon as the milk comes out of the fridge...even before it's poured into the glass. It's so cold and tasty. Sometimes we just can't get enough. What are you thankful for today?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sierra's Scoop

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I am loving the warmer weather. Daddy came home early today and we went for an extra early walk. It was so nice outside that Mommy and Daddy didn't need their jackets. After dinner time, they had to go to a surprise birthday pawty for Grandpa's friend who is 70 years old today. That is a lot of years! Mommy and Daddy had fun and were sad that they didn't bring us. They thought about it but weren't sure what other pups would be there. There were 2 other pups there and we would've loved playing with them.
This is Annie. She had fun playing in the pool. Daddy said she loves toys just like Teddy and I do.
This is Choco. He belongs to the birthday boy. Mommy said he was super sweet and playful.
Teddy would not stop smelling Mommy and Daddy when they got home. He's smelled Choco before and can't wait to meet him one day.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Azure Monday

Daddy brought home our Azure Standard order tonight. There is a huge bag of organic brown rice, organic fuji apples, spices, soap, raw honey, raw cashews (my favorite), and more heirloom seeds for our garden. It was a beautiful, sunny day today. It's almost 70 degrees in our house. The seeds must be loving the warmer weather. Today was our first after work walk in daylight. Mommy and Daddy didn't even need to wear their beanies. Are any of you dealing with spring time allergies like we are?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week two in the garden

I am very happy to report that most of our seeds are sprouting and doing great. Some of the herbs have not sprouted yet. We hope to see them sprout this week. Mommy is amazed at how one little seed can produce so much. We went to Grandpa's house to do a little painting in our new room. Mommy and Daddy finished really quickly and then we had a great walk around our soon to be new neighborhood. Sierra and I both didn't eat our dinners. Mommy and Daddy think it has to do with the time change. Why do humans need to spring forward and fall backward anyway?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Garage Sale Saturday

Mommy and Daddy worked well into the early hours this morning getting ready for our garage sale. We are very thankful for such a great turn out. Guess who came to our garage sale? Our neighbor, Raiden. He is six months old and still growing. We didn't get to play since I was a little cautious of him (he hasn't had his big boy surgery).
Then Grandma, Uncle Bey Bey, and our cousins came over to help. Have I told you what a great sales person my Grandma is? Here she is showing people just how comfortable our futon is. The futon sold minutes after she was resting on it.
After a hard day of work, we all had a delicious Grandma made lunch of sushi and kalbi. Uncle Bey Bey made himself at home on my couch. He even napped with me and Mommy on my couch. Then we all went for a walk. The sun was out and there was a cool breeze.
After everyone left, we headed over to Grandpa's house to do some cleaning. The kitchen is almost done. Just a little paint and some switch covers and we'll be set. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun on a Friday

We went for a car ride with Mommy today. We had so much fun! I love looking out the window when we're in her truck. Sierra hasn't learned how to do this yet. I've tried showing her how to do it but she still hasn't gotten the hang of it. Look at this fun car Daddy has been working on lately. We were all busy getting ready for our garage sale tomorrow. Sierra could not stop look at herself in the mirror. We all think she thought she was looking at another dog because she kept going up to the mirror and wanted to see what was behind it. Mommy and Daddy thought it was SO funny! It rained for most of the day today but my magic powers worked and the rain stopped just in time for our walk. Whew!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not So Thankful Thursday

Sierra and I were so excited to go for a car ride today. But I already knew we were going to see our dr. I was not happy about it...at all. Sierra was out like a light but I couldn't sleep.
Sierra went in first. She had a wellness exam and she's in perfect health.
Then it was my turn. As soon as we got out of Mommy's truck, I tried to walk the other way, away from our drs. office. We went in and walked straight into the exam room. This is where it gets a little embarrassing. I have never liked going to see my dr. Mommy and Daddy aren't sure why. They think it's because I had to spend the night there after my big boy surgery. I started leaving pee-mail all over the place. I even got some pee-mail on Mommy as she put me onto that icky metal table (This is very unusual for me. Even as a pup, I only left pee-mail in the house a handful of times.) This is the only place where I have worn a muzzle. I REALLY don't like the drs. office and I would never bite anyone but the nurse lady said something about taking precaution. You can see just how sad I am. My wellness exam went well and I am in perfect health. The dr. stole some of my blood to check for Heartworm. I am free of Heartworm. Next he gave me a shot for DHPP. Then I knew we were done and off the table I went. We couldn't get out of there fast enough.
Since Daddy works just down the street from my dr. we went to see him. Sierra and I hadn't been there in a long time. Here is the pee-mail I left on Mommy's shirt.
I was SO happy to be far away from the dr. I love laying on the concrete at Daddy's work.
Look at these cute pups that were near Daddy's work. Daddy says they live there and that made Mommy sad.
I hope everyone had a great Thursday. I am so thankful that Thursday is done!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sierra's Scoop

First of all, I would like to thank every one for wishing me a Happy Barkday this past weekend. I am two years old now. Mommy baked me a cake and it was yummy. My favorite present was a peculiar pink flamingo. It has soft fur and long striped legs. Sometimes it squeaks and sometimes it squawks. So far Teddy Bear hasn't tried to steal it, maybe he's being extra nice since it is still my birthday week.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Week One in the Garden

Yippee!!! It's gardening season again! Yesterday, Daddy started the seeds in our mini green house. There are a few different types of heirloom tomatoes, jalapenos, sweet onions, bell peppers, lots of herbs, and kale. These seeds have to start indoors before they can be planted outside. Daddy says they are not strong enough to withstand the harsh elements. We are very excited to have a bigger veggie garden this year. Is anyone else in preparation mode for your veggie garden?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Barkday to...

...Sierra!!! My little sister is two years old today. She was very excited to open her barkday presents. She got two Tuff balls, a squeaky flamingo, and bison jerky. I think Sierra was more excited about her cake. It was really really yummy. Grandma and Grandpa were sick last week so we weren't able to celebrate Mommy's birthday with them. We all went over for dinner tonight. Since Auntie Sheila has had all her shots we were finally able to meet her. We all had a lot of fun playing. Then it was time for dinner...an array of seafood and of course, Korean BBQ. Can you say yummmmmmm?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A walk around the new neighborhood

It was another work day for us at Grandpa's house today. After working hard all day we went for a long walk. Mommy and Daddy thought we should become familiar with our soon to be new neighborhood. First we walked past an almond ranch. The almond trees were in full bloom. There were TONS of bees pollinating above the trees. The ground was covered with white petals. It looked a lot like snow...I wish it was snow. Back to our walk. We saw two horses today. I wish I could've gotten closer to them. Maybe on another day. Then we saw two Border Collies at another property. They were very friendly. Maybe Sierra and I can play with them soon. We also this giant St. Bernard. We've never seen one in person before. I'll have to think twice about playing with him.