Sunday, February 21, 2010

We worked...

hard at Grandpa's house today. Mommy spent most of the day vacuuming, cleaning, measuring and lining the kitchen cabinets. Can you believe Grandpa has been there over a year and is still not using his cabinets? Daddy and Grandpa cleaned and organized the attic, and moved around lots of furniture. I spent most of the day underneath the dining table. I did get a chance to see the patch up work on the fence. I think it will work for now. I see a new fence coming in the near future. Mommy found this fox while looking through some of Grandpa's boxes. Sierra and I thought it was a toy at first but it smelled too real to be a toy. It smelled like a distant relative. What is going on with all this commotion at Grandpa's house? Daddy said we are moving there soon!!! I'm sad to report that it's been raining all day...from the moment we woke up. This is the first time in a LONG time that we've not had our daily walk. I hope my magic powers come back tomorrow and the rain lets up a bit so we can go for a walk.


  1. hey Teddy Bear,

    Poor little fox! Did you give him a good burial?

    What a busy day! How exciting that you will be moving. It is always fun to sniff out new places and met the new dogs in the neighborhood. Looks like you will have a pretty nice yard to run around in too!

    What happened to your magic powers? Perhaps you need another bag of string cheese to help bring your magic powers back. Good luck!


  2. A fox? That would be... interesting. So a big move coming up? Is it far away?

  3. I had to look twice!

    At furst I thought woo had gotten a pet skhwirrel!

    I'm glad woo got to do some snoopervising!

    I hope the move goes well!


  4. Hope the rain goes away and you get your walk. You are moving? That is exciting news. Will you have a bigger yard? When does it happen?

  5. Sounds like you were a good snoopervisor! You are moving? How exciting! It's good to snoopervise your new home, make it exactly the way you want.

  6. Yes. When I saw that fox I thought you had caught a squirrel! Haa!
    Moving?? Wow! Sounds interesting!
    I hope the rain goes away so you can have your nice walkie!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Looks like you had a busy day snoopervising and discovering!

    Hope the rain stops soon!