Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sierra's Scoop

I'm happy to report that it rained a lot while we were sleeping last night. But it was sunny most of the day. Today, Teddy Bear and I were left home alone for a little while. This was the fifth time in a row that I have not had any accidents in the house when left alone. A long time ago I pooped on the treadmill so I usually lay down in my kennel while Mommy and Daddy are away. I'm almost two years old now so it was definitely time for a second chance. I'm really good about being in my kennel when Daddy and Mommy are away and I really don't mind it at all. But I have to say the best part about being free is waiting with Teddy Bear. He lays by the front door and listens for the sound of our pawrents trucks. Now I just have to work on not scratching at the inside of the front door when I get excited to hear them pull up. Too bad we did't see Sparkles tonight on the walk. I hope we will tomorrow.


  1. Good job! Hang in there! Me, Riley went through that stage too when mommy was gone all the time babysitting.

    We're so proud you!
    Riley and Star.

  2. woo hoo! nothing like waking up after a good rain to see the sun

  3. Go Sierra!!! The scratching on the door is what Bilbo does when Mama gets home too....Daddy says we are going to have to paint the door soon if he doesn't stop!


  4. Great job Sierra! It is nice to have the freedom to wait with Teddy and greet your parents right when they come through the door! Glad it wasn't raining at walk time but sorry you did not see Sparkles.

  5. Hi, Sierra!
    Good girl!
    Glad you had a sunny day!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Sierra, it sounds to us that you are doing your homework and studying really hard to be a furry goods girl and we just know that you will be a good doggy all the time - once you get the kinks worked out☺

  7. You are making great progress Sierra! Keep it up!