Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week thirty one in the garden

Guess what, friends? We were wrong again. At first we thought it was a cucumber. Then we thought it was a watermelon. Now we know, for sure, that it's a cantaloupe! I'm not disappointed that it's not a watermelon because cantaloupes are just as yummy. The onions look almost ready to harvest, don't you think? Next week is supposed to be first frost but with the weather we've been having, I think we are a long ways from it. Look at this stack of pots. It's hard to believe that they were once filled with assorted veggies and herbs. We had a great walk today. We all got a little spooked though. As we walked by someone's lawn, the sprinklers came up and starting shooting water on me. We all didn't know what it was because they made a hissing noise at first. Daddy thought it was a snake! The worst part of today was that Sierra and I got our fur coats washed. Necessary, but no fun!


  1. I hope the weather khooperates fur woo!

    Sorry about the bath thingies - but I bet woo look all fluffy and white now!


  2. A surprise shower with hissing noises would make me jump...and want to go right home. Once the frost comes your garden will sleep all winter which will give your family time to plan next year's crops! Enjoy the last melon...with ice cream.

  3. Ah, a cantalope! That's what it is. How did that happen?

  4. oooooooooooooooh, another cantaloupe! Yummy!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. That sounds like a lot of fun..getting sprayed by a watering system! The melon looks delicous!

  6. Hi, Teddy!
    A cantaloupe!
    That kind of bath sounds scary!
    Kisses and hugs