Saturday, October 24, 2009

A fun day with Uncle Bey Bey

Uncle Bey Bey and I spent most of the day by ourselves. Mommy and Grandma were shopping and running errands. Daddy was fixing his truck and Sierra was supervising. Grandpa was playing golf. When Mommy and Grandma finally got home we ate dinner and then went for a walk. I was exhausted after a day of playing and waiting for Mommy and Grandma to hurry home. I went to my favorite sleeping area at Grandma and Grandpa's house and settled in for a nap. Mommy thought it was SO cute that I was resting my head of the legs of the chairs. She decided she HAD to take pictures. Of course, this woke me up. Come on, Mommy, I'm trying to nap here! She should know by now that there is no sneaking up on Teddy Bear. Grandma prepared Daddy's favorite dish, crab with spicy miso broth. Of course I had to smell the crab. MMMMMMMMMMM!!!


  1. yummmmmmmmmmmm - we never had crab before! How was it, Teddy?
    Uncle Bey Bey looks like a fun playmate!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Oh my, you are eating some strange things....sea urchin and now this crab thing?

  3. Woo look so furry khute resting there!

    I am glad woo were disturbed so we khould see it!

    Mom says the khrab dish sounds yummmy!

    I'm glad woo had a nice day with Unkhle Bey Bey!


  4. Crab with miso broth sounds delicious and smells yummy, too. I can smell it from here. Yum!

    While you are guarding your veggie garden, my Mom is starting to dig holes for planting tulips. Since our dirt is so thick like clay, she is going to try changing out some of the dirt. It's hard work!

  5. You need a pillow, Teddy, those rungs look too hard to be comfortable! That is not the crab that was on the driveway, was it? I love the smell of crab but mom won't let me have any because I drop it on the floor and roll in it before I eat it!