Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week thirty in the garden

I was extremely exhausted from yesterday so I spent most of today napping. The fall weather disappeared for a while last week but it came back today. It even brought along a nice cool breeze. Daddy wanted to check on the sweet potatoes. He took out the top layer and discovered that they are still too small. We have lots of cucumbers still coming in. And guess what? Remember the cucumber from last week? Well, it turns out that it's a watermelon. Daddy's not sure if it will have enough time to ripen. I hope he's wrong. The same goes for the tomatoes. Daddy hopes that they all turn red before the first frost. We had a great walk. I think Sierra was a little cold but I loved the crisp breezy air!


  1. Khrisp air is GOOD!

    I'm sure woo will figure out something to do with your khrops!


  2. Your garden is amazing. Does your mom cook a lot with all the veggies?

  3. Green tomatoes make a great salsa! Your family has the best garden ever! Glad your weekend was such a relaxed pleasant one.

  4. Wow, great garden!!! Yummy!!!

    lotsa licks,

  5. I hope the weather cooperates with your wonderful garden!

  6. A cucumber became a watermelon?? Hmmm... interesting!
    My grandma loves sweet potatoes!
    Glad you had a nice weather!
    Kisses and hugs