Monday, October 12, 2009

Like most people...

...I am not waiting for the rain. Mommy and Daddy say we need the rain but it puts such a damper on things. Rain means no walks. Walks are the best part of the day. It was supposed to start raining tonight but it still isn't here. Maybe the weather reports were wrong? I'm so glad that the rain stayed away for our walk tonight. It's Azure Standard Monday again. I had to give everything my sniff of approval. Whole Wheat flour, raw apple cider vinegar, organic rice, organic raw almonds and cashews, sprouted mouth is already watering.


  1. I hope the weatherpeeps were wrong!

    I know the disappointment of NOT getting those furry furry fun walks!

    Your shipment has Mom drooling too - cashews, almonds, rice, and bagels!


  2. I hope it only rains while you are sleeping. That way the ground gets the moisture it needs BUT you don't have to give up your walks! You photo reminds me that it is nearly lunchtime...I wonder what mom's making?

  3. urg.... i hope the weather stays clear for you, Teddy. It's no fun to be in the rain, regardless of what the hoomans say we need!

  4. Hi, Teddy!
    Yes, rain means no walkies and that is not fun!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. It is raining here too. Hope you get on walkies again soon!