Saturday, April 30, 2011

While Mommy was...

...taking of layers and layers of my winter coat she found a new black hair on me. I have one black hair on my snout. One black hair on my back close to my tail. And now my newest black hair is behind my right ear. Is my black hair what grey hair is to non white pups? Hmmmmmmm.


  1. maybe!


  2. OMG, we see it, we see it, Teddy!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. We see it! It's a stylish White Dog Black Hair...just like Stacy London (who has the reverse, gray hair stripe in her black hair) the fashionista gal from What Not to Wear! So have no are a true White Dog Fashionista!

  4. teddy,

    i don't think your black furs are the same as gray furs at all, so no worries! what i do think is that your 3 black furs are a grrreat way for us to tell if some doggie evarrr tries to pretend to be you. i'll be like, "show me your special black furs!" and the teddy imposter will be like, "what? i'm a white doggie!" and i'll be like, "HA! you're not really teddy!!" heeheehee. :)

    the booker man

  5. Like you, those hairs are special and unique! The essence of Teddy-ness!

  6. LOL... yep! You got a gray hair! (Well... your version of one!)

    By the way, I just found your blog (because you commented on my friend's blog!)

    But I'm happy you did! Because I love connecting with other dog lovers. =)