Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sierra's Scoop

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It's Sierra. We have a bazillion toys. Mommy and Daddy like to rotate them so we don't get bored playing with the same toys all the time. Despite having lots of full sized stuffies to choose from, Teddy Bear and I love playing with our lucky rabbits foot that is left over from one of our Easter bunnies from two years ago. Can you believe it's still around? We love fighting over it and see who can get it when we play tug of war with it. It's small so playing tug of war with it isn't always easy. Do you have any stuffie remnants that you like to play with?


  1. hey Sierra,

    How you managed to keep a rabbits foot for over two years is amazing! I am very impressed! It must be the good luck of the Rabbits Feet. :-> Have fun playing!


  2. Its nice when a toy lasts a long time!


  3. We have a yellow arm. We don't even remember the stuffie it came from but now it is perfect for grabbing, and tossing, and fetching, and playing tug with...maybe stores should just sell bins of stuffie parts...feet, arms, tails.

  4. Heya Sierra! We love the headless body of Sylvester the cat bol! Take care,

    RA & Isis