Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day

Today we celebrate the Earth and also Good Friday. We hope you all spent some time thinking of ways to be a bit greener than last year. Now that we have new gutters we hope to install rain barrels around our new home. Instead of wasting the rain water we'll use it to feed our veggie garden. Daddy is hard at work figuring out ways to get the best barrel...wood, plastic, or metal? We are still deciding. Do any of your have rain barrels? And as we all have fun getting together with family this weekend, we hope you all remember the reason why we celebrate this special holiday. His name is Jesus.


  1. Pawesome idea!

    I know a blog pal in NY loves hers


  2. Great idea with the water! And a wonderful reminder for the reason for the season of Easter. May yours be a splendid one!

  3. Happy Earth Day :)


  4. hey Teddy,

    Yay for rain barrels! Good luck and can't wait to see what your research results are.

    Hope you had a nice Good Friday. Did you Fast? I tried, but...

    Have a wonderful and fun Easter! Enjoy your family and hope you get a dog bowl full of lots of yummy treats!


  5. What a great idea! I'm not sure which might be better, though - not very green-thumbed :(