Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is where I've been...

...napping lately. You see, at our last house, this was my favorite spot on the couch. Then we moved and we only had room for one couch...that's right, my couch. Only this time, Mommy and Daddy took claim. Now that it's winter and the weather has started to cool down a bit, I've been starting my naps on favorite old spot on my couch. Mommy thinks it's too cute that I've started doing this again.


  1. Glad she isn't kicking you out of your favorite spot!


  2. Oh Teddy! Couches are the bestest way to work through the day. Its such hard work, but we are so good at it aren't we :)


    Frankie Girl

  3. You need a couch AND a chair! The couch to start out and then a chair to move to and curl up so mommy and daddy can cuddle and you still will be comfy.

  4. Those couch spots are hard to hold on to - we have lots of competition around here.

  5. you better tell momma and Paw who the boss is.
    Benny & Lily

  6. She's right!!! Couch spots are highly coveted around here - princess Arwen usually wins out with the best seat in the house. The one next to mom ;)