Monday, November 2, 2009

Today I...

...felt the weather changing. I think it's going to start cooling down (for real this time). I can feel the rain coming too. Mommy wasn't convinced so she watched the news to catch a glimpse of the weather report. The rain for next week has been moved up to the end of this week. Oh no! I hope that all of our tomatoes turn red soon. Daddy harvested three big ones tonight. I had to see them for myself. They are look yummy. Mommy said if the other tomatoes don't turn red before first frost we'll have to eat lots fried green tomatoes. Have any of you ever eaten fried green tomatoes before?


  1. I haven't but Mom has - she says they are khwite yummy!

    I hope your weather khools fur WOO!


  2. Mom says those look sooo yummy!!!! Wish it was that warm over in our neck of the woods!!!

    lotsa licks,

  3. Those are pretty apples....oh--wait...tomatoes! Never seen em all whole before, cuz Tommy slices hers. Fried Green Tomatoes? Really?

  4. My mom makes green tomato salsa out of the ones that don't ripen...I am not crazy about it, but all the humans are!

  5. Mama says Fried Green Maters are NUMMY!!!!


  6. You can eat them or if your momma wants to spend a little time in the kitchen she could can them even if they are still green! Or, put them on a window sill to turn red! Tomatoes from the garden are yummy!

  7. Hi, Teddy!
    I hope the weather report is wrong and you don't get that rain!
    Green tomatoes?? Nope. We have never eaten them. I am sure your mom can find a good recipe for them!
    Kisses and hugs