Monday, November 30, 2009

Manic Monday

Something tragic happened today. Our wireless modem from AT&T died. It lived a long life...4.5 years. Daddy frantically went out to Best Buy to buy a new modem. We hope this one lasts a lot longer. I kept an eye on Daddy to make sure that he was connecting all the wires in just the right places. Once he finished with the wires, he had a tough time with the settings. Daddy had to call Netgear customer support. He talked to a lady from the Philippines. She told Daddy that he had a very nice accent. She was extremely nice and very helpful. Mommy kept asking, "What did we do before the internet?" I couldn't help her because I was born way after the internet was invented. We had to look through the phonebook for a phone number. When is the last time any of you had to do that? Once everything was up and running, I made sure that everything was in place. Doesn't it look nice next to our printer?


  1. The horror, the horror. Life without the internet can be so frustrating.

  2. Oh yes!

    I endured those horrors last week when we lost our power!

    At least Mom had her khrakhkberry!

    Woo did a pawesome job with the set up!


  3. way to help out! I still dont know how we existed before the internet!

  4. Thank goodness your dad was right on top of things and got a new one up and would have been horrible if you had been unable to connect to the Blog!