Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hiking at Las Trampas: Take Two

Mommy and Daddy wanted to wear us out again. We returned to Las Trampas for a hike with our friends. We didn't see any horses today. I came face to face with a cow for the first time today. I've admired them from afar but to be so close. Wow! I wanted to sniff her but she didn't let me get close. And just like a girl, she made me chase her. We were off leash for most of the treacherous hike. Sierra and I loved every minute. We all had a great day. Everyone enjoyed the gorgeous views of the green rolling hills. We saw more cows when we were almost done with our hike. I tried to get close but I couldn't since I was on my leash. When we got to our truck we saw this little pup wearing doggles. I don't know what I think about something blocking my vision. This pup didn't seem to mind. Do any of you wear doggles?


  1. What a great place to go hiking. We don't wear doggles, but our hu-dad has threatened to get Kodiak some since he likes to hang his head out the side of the Jeep.

  2. Off leash hiking is the best! You can explore all of the smells at your own pace and even run a little bit ahead (but not too far). The first time I met cows I ran into the middle of the herd and they closed in to look at me...I was TRAPPED! So I played dead dog to distract them until dad came and rescued me!

  3. no doggles here... my daddy would lock my momster's purse up forever if she even mentioned purchasing one of those! Momster thinks they're cool looking but she's not risking her purse for them!


  4. Off leash hiking?

    Something I'll nevFUR get to do SO I'll have to knontinue to live vikhariously through woo!

    How khool woo got to be khowdog!

    Tank woo fur sharing!


  5. That looks like fun! Most of my dogs NEVER go off leash hiking, except now for Buffy!! Have fun and stay close to your parents on your hikes!

  6. Hi, Teddy!
    Like Khyra... that is something I only enjoy thorugh your pictures! Dreams... dreams...
    You were close to those cows!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. That looks like a beautiful day and hike you had. Dogs get all the fun!