Saturday, November 14, 2009

I feel like I'm cheating...

...on Netflix. We had my Grandpa over for dinner tonight. Afterwards the humans felt like watching a movie so Daddy ran out to pick up a movie from the Red Box. What's a Red Box, you say? It's a big red box where you can rent dvds for $1. Daddy picked G.I. Joe. It was a very noisy movie, not a moment without loud noises and screams. I like Netflix better because it has more movies for dogs, like Air Bud and Milo and Otis (my personal favorite). I let my Daddy have the day off from hiking so he could go golfing with his Daddy. I got grass fed filet mignon tonight. Wowee!!! It wasn't even my birthday. This Saturday turned out pretty great even though we didn't go for a hike. Don't worry friends, we did have a walkie.:)


  1. I have seen the Red Box, but so far am sticking to Netflix. I like the way you can search for similar movies, because we watch a lot of independent movies.

  2. Grass fed filet mignon?


    Mom and I are both drooling!

    I'm sure woo will get a hike and/or walkie today!


  3. Never had filet mignon, bet it was delicious.

    Sierra is so cute, sneaking a peek at the flashy box.


  4. WOWZA! A yummy dinner and a walk? Heck, let your dadda go golfing, we'll take the fillet any day!

  5. Hi Teddy!

    Filet Mignon! Wow what a lucky dog! It's nice to meet another Californian puppers!
    I think we need to go give mom some sad eyes and show her your blog now and push for some of that yummy good filet! Oh and we just rented GI Joe too, Dad was the only one that watched it....Hope you have a great Sunday Teddy.

    Frankie Girrrl, Maddie the Choco Labbie and DomiNO

  6. Oh my dog... who cares about a hike when you got FILET MIGNON?!!!? OMD... can I move in with you NOW? cause i'm turning GREEN with envy! BOL!

    I like netlix too. :) Momster and I just watched Hotel with Dogs: the dogs did a better job than the hooman actors!


  7. i like netflix too. dad gets them all the time, and i get to watch movies in the movie room- it's like i get to go to the movies! btw, LOVE what your mom did with the pumpkin. Did you get any? it's really good for you. :)

  8. We like Netflix too because we can pick lots of foreign movies and documentaries and unusual films that most places don't have. Did you get to enjoy your filet while movie watching or was it yummy dinner FIRST, then movie (with buttery popcorn?) Sounds like a wonderful evening.

  9. Hi, Teddy!
    Movies, filet mignon, walkie... sounds pretty good to me!
    Kisses and hugs