Sunday, July 19, 2009

Week seventeen in the garden

It was another hot day! I wonder when all this hotness will go away? Soon, I hope! Everything in our veggie garden looks great! There are more strawberries coming, the tomatoes continue to grow in abundance, both sets of sweet potatoes are flourishing. Daddy also has cantaloupe with the sweet potatoes that are in the raised bed. The drip system had just watered our garden and it was muddy so I wasn't allowed to go in. Mommy has been making homemade marinara sauce with all our tomatoes. Daddy has been enjoying tomatoes in his sandwiches for lunch every day. Mommy grills the zucchini for dinner and makes zucchini bread or muffins. Yummy! We learned from Maggie and Mitch that today was Ice Cream Day. After our walk Mommy gave us some Frosty Pawa ice cream. It was delicious and refreshing!


  1. Hey Teddy! it's Isis's nephew Benny! Remember me from her blog?

    Well she asked me to drop by this morning, because she asked her daddy about your basil.

    this is what he said:

    "They love the heat. adequate drainage and water"

    that's all we know!

  2. It all looks and sounds wonderful!

    Mom says there is NOTHING like a fresh tomato!

    I'm glad woo got to have some Frosty Paws - even if woo weren't allowed to have some muddy ones!


  3. Your frosty paws looks delicious, Teddy! We're so glad you got to celebrate National Ice Cream day too!
    Our dad eats tomato sandwiches when we're overrun with them! It's toast with mayo and sliced tomato with salt and pepper! He LOVES them!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. One of the best things about summer is fresh produce and your garden looks full of yummy delights! OK, not as delicious as ice cream, but delicious none the less. It is very neat that your mom "puts up" sauce; my mom used to help her grandmother can spicy tomato relish with tomatoes, peppers, onions from their garden.

  5. Oh my Dog, Teddy, you are a champion gardener! I am so jealous... My momster could kil a cactus just by looking at it... BOL

  6. Your momma is so brave to have a garden. Our momma knows that we would dig it up. Sometimes Scout digs way too much and we can hear momma saying things to herself when she uses the shovel and fills in all of Scout's very good and very hard work☺

  7. Hi, Teddy!
    Yummy tomatoes and zucchini!
    Glad you celebrated Ice Cream Day!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. You could open up a veggie restaurant with so many vegetables! This almost inspires my parents to plant more next year. We'd have to get a raised planter box though, otherwise we'd have container pots all over the backyard. Our dirt is the ground is clay.