Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sadderday number three

Daddy went camping today without us. He'd planned this trip weeks ago. He didn't tell me he wasn't taking me because he was going camping at a place that doesn't allow dogs. Excuse me? Who has ever heard of a camping place that doesn't allow dogs? That is just rude! We had fun a pretty fun day at my Grandparents house. Mommy thinks it's cute when I get close to this fake bear...since I'm Teddy Bear. Everyone went to the fair...without us pups. How dare they? Mommy saw some look a likes of Sierra and me. What do you think? Do they look like my sister and me?


  1. Those white teddies do look like you and your sissy, Teddy!
    What a bummer that you couldn't go camping with your dad too!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Those white bears are cute but not as cute as you!!!

    Hugs, Kodak

  3. We is thinkin' that you are much more cuter and sweeter than they are cuz you are warm and soft and can wag your tail☺

  4. With everyone off doing dumb human things that exclude dogs; what did you canines do for the day? Did you get treats when your mom came back from the fair? Teddy, you and Sierra are a bazillion times cuter!

  5. hmmmm i can see the resemblance! also, i'm going to ask my dad about your basil, and see if he has any suggestions. Where do you live that it's so hot?

    It's pretty hot here too... but they seem to be doing well.

  6. Sorry you could not go with your Dad!
    Not even close to be cuter than you!
    Kisses and hugs