Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Play time

Daddy gave me my tennis ball tonight. I think he hid it from me. I was wondering what had happened to it. I had to go underneath the dining table so that Sierra wouldn't try to fight me for it. It's my tennis ball! It was 105 degrees here today. Mommy was nice and turned on the AC at 12:30. Whew! We'll have to wait till it gets cooler before we can go for a walk. I've been avoiding going outside as little as pawsible. I hope everyone is staying cool!


  1. Woo poor furry handsome boy!

    That is just nasty weather!

    I'm glad woo got to have some khwality time with your tennis ball!


  2. It is just as hot here! We have all of the fans running full blast and the swamp cooler trying to cut through the heat. Hopefully it will break soon for all of us. Thank you for sending my mom get well wishes! She is home now and getting stronger every day! It is so great to see that all are so happy at your house and that your found yoour ball. Mom and I really missed reading your blog while she was in the hospital.

  3. Poor Teddy...it's so cold here that our momma has all the windows closed. Wish we could take at least 20 degrees of your heat and give you 20 degrees of our cold! Raining,too, no playtime outside, shesh!

  4. Hi, Teddy!
    We had 112 degrees today here! HOT!
    Sure you had a great time playing with your ball!
    Kisses and hugs