Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's this...

...from the Bass Pro Shop?  Mommy went to visit with a friend who is in town from L.A.  Daddy went to the Bass Pro Shop to look for sleeping mats.  He found these really great mini beds as I like to call them.  After having 2 air mattresses finally die out, my Daddy decided that these were the best choice.  I think they are quite comfortable too.  But I don't need fancy mini beds like Mommy and Daddy do when we go camping.  I like sleeping on the cold ground, one on one  with nature...the way life should be.


  1. Hi, Teddy!
    Those beds look mini! I hope they are comfy!
    I like to sleep on the cold tile when it is too hot but I don't change the big bed for nothing!
    Enjoy your sunday!
    Kisses and hugs