Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun on a Friday

Look at this stick that Sierra brought home during our walk last night.  Have I told you that my sister LOVES sticks?  We have fun taking the stick away from each other throughout the day.  I play with the stick and then get bored with it.  Sierra then grabs the stick and plays with it.  I take it away from her and start playing with it again.  Then I get bored with it and Sierra takes it.  It's a vicious cycle.  Guess what my Mommy made for dinner?  Salmon, home grown zucchini (from our friend's garden), and brown rice.  The salmon was delicious!  Can I please have some more?


  1. Hi, Teddy!
    I am not a big fan of sticks but sounds like you and Sierra had fun with yours!
    The dinner looks delicious. Glad your mom shared with you!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. I'm not much fur stikhks but SALMON ROKHKS!

    Tank woo fur sharing!


  3. We never figured out the attraction of sticks. They don't squeak. You can't destuff them. But sometimes you can bash them into your girl's legs. Glad you and Sierra found a better use for that stick. That salmon looks yummy.

  4. Hi Teddy,

    Sierra and I share a fascination for sticks. I love to take them inside too. That and stones, bottlecaps or whatever treasure can find outside.

    My mum's sorry the pay it forward package is taking too long. She's still looking for nice gifts to send you.


  5. The best thing about sticks at my house is that I can trade them for treats! You and Sierra should try that when you are both bored playing with one. The salmon looks extra yummy...we had barbacoa which was muy delicious as well.

  6. i never had salmon, is it real good?!

  7. Can't speak about sticks, but salmon is awesome.