Monday, May 25, 2009

May 22 & 23, 2009

On Friday, we drove a long way to Plumas National Forest.  We found our way to Lakes Basin campgrounds.  As soon as we jumped out of the truck, we found snow!  Can you believe it?  Snow in May!  Sierra and I had a ball rolling around in the snow.  After we set up camp, Daddy, our friend Cleve, his dog, Kahlua, Sierra and I went for a little hike.
On Saturday, we had a great hike to Long Lake.  There weren't very many fish biting there but the scenery was beautiful!  I kept busy going back and forth between my Daddy, my Grandpa, and our friend Cleve.  I even took a nap on a cool rock right near the lake.  Sierra found great sticks to play with at camp.  After resting for a few hours we headed to Salmon Lake to fish for more trout.  My Grandpa and Cleve caught a few trout.  The humans enjoyed the fresh trout for dinner that night.

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  1. SNOW!


    Tank woo fur sharing!

    NOW, how about sharing some of those trout?!?