Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I wish...

...I was still at the lake.  The weather was so nice and cool all weekend.  It was about 85 degrees here today.  My Mommy didn't turn on the A/C but she finally turned on the fan around 3pm.  Whew!  It's night time and the temperature inside our house is 87 degrees.  Oh how I can't wait to go camping again and be outdoors in the cool weather!


  1. Ooooo, we'd melt! Once it hits 76 in the house momma has that machine of ours going like crazy! In fact, one July afternoon she said she thought snow in the house. We don't think so. We think she just drank too much diet Coke and she was seeing the fizzy bubbles comin' outa' her nose☺

  2. 87? We would just melt (or be really, really grumpy).

  3. Woo khould have khome to my house - it was 51 on Tuesday -

    Of khourse, that was 30 degrees khooler than the previous days!


  4. My momster also doesn't turn on the A/C unless my daddy threatens to jump in the freezer...!

  5. I think our girl is related to your mom. What is it with them trying to roast us?