Tuesday, May 5, 2009


...Cinco de Mayo.  I hope that this is a great day for everyone.  You would think that since my Daddy is part Mexican we would have a lot more Mexican paraphernalia.  That's what you would think.  Wrong!  The only things that we could find were his statue of an Aztec warrior, our Mexican blanket, and his statue of an eagle eating a snake while perched upon a cactus.  We learned from this website that "according to ancient Aztec legend the Aztec people were told by their God that if they wanted to find the promised land they were to find the place where an eagle sat perched upon a nopal cactus while eating a snake.  After hundreds of years they found the eagle on a swampy island called Lake Texcoco.  The new Aztec home was named Tenotichlan, meaning Place of the Nopal Cactus.  In 1325 they build what is now Mexico City."  What a very informative website.  


  1. Hi, Teddy!
    Feliz 5 de Mayo!
    My mom and her family lived in Texcoco... but not in 1325! Just a few years ago!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Hope your Cinco de Mayo was muy bueno! We celebrated with chicken mole (mi sin mole) because the Aztecs (and Maya) believed chocolate was a sacred gift...and mom agrees! We have a huge painting done by Alberto, an artist and Aztec dancer friend, that depicts the connection with the other world...it is beautiful!

  3. You are very smart, Teddy! Since your Dad is part Mexican, I guess that makes you part Mexican too!