Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sierra's Scoop

Uncle Bey Bey came home with Mommy yesterday. Grandma said it was not safe for him at home after the bad guys broke in. So he'll be visiting for a few days. Uncle Bey Bey brought his bed and is favorite blanket. I wish he brought his squeaky bone. Teddy and I have been trying to get our paws on it for as long as I can remember. Uncle Bey Bey usually hides it whenever we come over. One thing is for sure...with all these boys in the house, I don't have a moment of privacy. I'm going to my room now.


  1. You are very kind to take him in after the trauma he has been through. Hopefully, things will calm down in a few days and Uncle Bey Bey will want to return home.

  2. Hey Sierra- take good care of Uncle Bey Bey... he's been through so much.

    love you!

  3. But now woo have TWO boys to boss around!

    Take good khare of Unkhle Bey Bey!

    PeeEssWoo: The new header pikh is pawesome!

  4. Yesh, sometimes it is furry hard on us grrls to have our privacy an' alone times☺ But it is furry good to be pup-ular, too☺

    Miss Freyja

  5. hey Sierra,

    I thought girls liked boys? Boy dogs are fun! You should stick around and follow in all their antics!

    You look great in the red scarf by the way. Very fashionable! You pups are so good to take care of Uncle Bey Bey after his scary experience. But where, oh where, is that squeaky bone?


  6. Hi Sierra,

    I think Myra would share your sentiments. She sometimes scolds me for being too rowdy and bossy. When she doesn't want to play anymore she would jump on top of a chair where I could not reach her (I am not allowed on furnitures) and stay there for a while.


  7. We agree - a girl needs her own girly time!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids