Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my Grandpa's new fishing boat. He bought it a few days ago. We are all very excited about taking it out on the water. Watch out fishies, here we come! I am also thankful for my Mommy's a huge heart of gold. She saw a pup in our city flyer and wanted to go get her right away. Mommy called the shelter and received good but sad news. She was happy that the American Eskimo had already been adopted and sad that we weren't the adopters.


  1. I'm sorry Teddy that you are not a big brother. If you want a baby brother or sister, try going to the Heart Bandits webpage.

  2. Well, if there is sad news, it is better it is good news like that!

    I hope woo get to try out the boat soon!


  3. Tell your momma that another one will come along, they always do. And, your grandpa's boat is cool! We like fish!

  4. Your mom is an angel, Teddy! I am glad that poor Eskie found a home. It is was so great of your family to want to add him/her to your family! Mack has a good idea but also consider AEDAW Rescue Fund which took in all the Eskies from the Washington state puppy mill that was shut down over the summer(there were hundreds)! P.S. your Grandpa's new boat is neat, can't wait to see pictures of you in it!

  5. Hi, Teddy!
    Your Grandpa's fishing boat is pawesome!
    I hope that doggie went to a very nice home!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Awww! Your mommy sure has a heart of gold. Hope you enjoy the boat!