Friday, September 4, 2009

Fun on a Friday

God must have heard our prayers because it was a lot cooler today. We are all so very thankful! It was cool enough outside that Sierra and I played outside while Daddy took care of a slight problem. We have a tree right in front of our house that drops what Daddy calls, "stink berries." Daddy says they smell like vomit. He has to pick up these berries every few days, other wise Mommy and Daddy will drive over then and they will get stuck on their wheels. Mommy thought it would be fun to have a photo shoot while we were outside. Sierra never cooperates but I sat perfectly still for Mommy. During our walk tonight it was 70 degrees and there was a cool breeze. Life is good again.


  1. We are so happy that the weather is coolor for you. We are so happy that our weather is a little warmer. Our momma never heard of anything that would fall out of a tree that would stink as bad as your dadda says...EEEWWWW!

  2. We are sniffing fall in the air and are loving it. The mornings are chilly and the afternoons are pleasant. Bring it on!

  3. we have those trees too!

    I say they smell like 'a big butt!'

  4. Those are really pretty pictures! You guys are sooo white! Just like us. I think we are somehow related. I hear that our Uncle Hal was tall, maybe that's it?

    Anyway, Star says you're both soooo beautiful!!! She' so gooshy, it's embarresing!

    Riley and Star.

  5. What lukhky Eskies woo are!

    Those are much better temps!

    Mom is wrinkling her snooter up at those kind of berries!

    Happy Saturday!


  6. It seems like there is a nice breeze riffling through your fur...and Sierra looks like she is trying to cooperate! Your entire family is sure enjoying a lovely evening...and that is wonderful!

  7. Y'all both look very happy. I'm glad it was cool for you. It's good to rid of those bad smelling berries.

  8. Beautiful white fluffy pictures!! I am so glad that it is cooled for you all...We hope it gets cooler here soon too!!


  9. Hi, Teddy!
    That is one of the reasons my grandma is thankful for not having trees outside! Haaa!
    But anyway we get the stuff from our neighbors trees!
    Glad you are having a nice weather!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. ICK about those berries---BUT

    LOVE you two posin' all nice and regal. Tommy says you are pretty puppies!