Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for nap time with Daddy. Mommy and I were gone for most of the day picking up Grandpa's granite tile and visiting with Mommy's old co-workers. That didn't give me much time to nap during the day. It was 91.5 degrees in our house when we got home. Whew, that's HOT! Mommy turned on the AC and the fan right away. Now it is 82 degrees and it feels pretty good. We were all panting after our walk tonight. It was still hot outside. Daddy and I took our positions on the floor right when we got home. This is my favorite place to be right after our walk. Why? Because the fan is right in front of me and the Ac is to the left of me. Daddy and I have been napping ever since...except when Mommy wanted to take pictures of us napping. I love being next to Daddy especially when Mommy is just a few feet away! Here's hoping to a cooler weekend!


  1. We so know where the khool air flow goes!

    Happy Friday!

    PeeEssWoo: Mom says tank woo furry much fur the support and she sends it bakhk khross the khountry WITH Sibe Fluff too!

  2. We hope that it cools down! I too love to sit underneath the fan. :) Happy weekend!

  3. Hope it cools off for you!! It'a WAY hot here too, but we have lots of Air Conditioning.


  4. Hope you have a cool and fun weekend--with extra naps under fan breezes. Is dad home an extra day because of the holiday?