Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today was...

a busy day! As soon as Daddy got home we all went out to the garden. We harvested our biggest cucumber ever. We also harvested our oddest shaped cucumber ever. And look at that zucchini. I wonder what happened to it? I supervised while Daddy grilled steaks for dinner. After dinner it was walkie time. We saw a beautiful sunset and saw the cutest Chow Chow puppy. I wouldn't let Mommy get near him. When we got home Mommy said it was time to trim our nails. It wasn't too bad but I was ready to be done! Then we enjoyed root beer floats. Don't worry, we'll be getting our teeth brushed later.


  1. Root beer floats??!! yummmmmmmmmmmmm
    You're very good about having your nails trimmed, Teddy! We wouldn't have hung around for any photo session!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. You sure have some funny looking produce in your neck of the woods! You sure are better at getting your toes trimmed than we are - we don't like it but we let our momma do it☺

  3. Hey Teddy...aren't Daddies AWESOME!!!


  4. It sounds like you had a very nice evening. I helped dad make zucchini bread for his office to belatedly celebrate his birthday.

  5. What a great evening! Your zucchs look fabulous.