Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sadderday number four

Tonight was a very Sadderday for my Mommy. We had our last dinner with my Great Grandma and cousins from Korea. They are going on a big airplane and heading home tomorrow. Mommy cried a lot tonight. She will miss her Grandma very much. Mommy, my Great Auntie, Great Grandma, and Grandma sat at one table eating and reminiscing about the past. My cousins sat at another table. Daddy and Grandpa were busy on the grill and finally sat down at the table with all the ladies. We went on our last walk with our cousins from Korea. Sierra and I will miss them. They love us very much and love to play with us. Great Grandma told Mommy and Daddy to hurry and have some human babies so she can come back to California to help Mommy. We all hope that that happens soon.


  1. I bet you had a great time with your family! HOpefully you will see them again soon!

  2. Family is what it all about, eh, Teddy? We wish them safe travel and a speedy return.

  3. It is always so happy when family comes to visit and then always so sad when they have to go home. You will have to give your momma lots of extra ♥ to make her feel better.

  4. It's always fun with family comes to visit!
    We hope they come back soon, Teddy!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. I hope your family comes back soon!

  6. I am glad that we got to meet your Great Grandma and the rest of your family while they were visiting Teddy. Make sure you snuggle close and give Mommy lots of love for the next few days!!


  7. I know you all had a pawesome time with your Great Grandma and the family!
    I hope she comes back soon!
    Kisses and hugs