Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun on a Friday

Today Mommy and I went the place she worked before her last job. We went to look at granite for my Grandpa. Granite is a natural stone. Granite is formed when magma is forced between other rocks in the Earth's crust. It cools and crystallizes deep within the Earth. Granite can be seen in mountain tops. Factories cut out huge boulders and then cut the boulders into slabs and tile. Mommy says it's an amazing process. I can't believe she used to sell this stuff. How did she carry around those giant slabs to all her customers? Mommy still has a lot of friends that are at her old work. We were there for hours looking at granite and catching up with Mommy's friends. I didn't mind though because everyone loved me and I loved lying on the tile floor. We brought home lots of samples for Grandpa. There was lots of ugly traffic and it took us two hours to get home. I was SO ready to be home but then Mommy said we had to stop and get gas before going home. Sigh! I was very excited to see Daddy and Sierra. We had a great walk. It was nice and cool and breezy tonight. It felt great to not walk in the heat!

P.S. Mommy clarified that she had slab samples to take to her customers.


  1. That was furry khool to see!

    Tank woo fur sharing with us!

    I'm glad Sierra gave woo a grrrreat welkhome home!

    Mom just chekhked outside and said we WON'T be walking today - way way way too hot already!


  2. We got granite at the vet place! we also heard it causes cancer! oh boy. So does everything these days. We LOVE the granite anyway. :)

  3. Hi, Teddy!
    Sure you had a great time with your mom there at her old job meeting lots of nice people!
    2 hours to get home?? Oh-oh! Sounds a lot!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. My mom was in a store like that yesterday! She wants to redo our master bathroom countertops.
    You are a good helper....maybe you need to come over to help my mom too!

  5. My momster loves granite too, but with the job situation right now, she can't afford it. Sigh... Sorry traffic was so miserable!