Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Today is my Grandpa's 60th birthday. Wow! Mommy made a special dinner for him. She also made him a homemade birthday cake (vanilla with chocolate frosting). Sierra and I got to have some of the cake, no frosting of course. I think Grandpa needs a new fence. We saw this little guy poking his head through the fence. He seemed friendly at first but then wouldn't stop barking. Mommy made me stay inside so I had to watch him from a distance. Grandpa patched the fence so the neighbor pup can't poke his head through anymore. Daddy bought some new stuff for our computer. He says it will make our computer lightning fast!


  1. We could make short work of that fence - grins.

    And our hu-dad upgraded to Snow Leopard this weekend - wooos.

  2. Happy Birthday to Grandpa! I bet the cake was really tasty...did you get ice cream, too?

  3. ♥HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA♥ Teddy, be sure to give you's grandpa some kisses an' tail wags.

  4. Happy Birthday to your Grandpa!

    What a great way to spend the day!


  5. Happy birthday to your grandpa! I am soenvious that you got cake... YUMMY!!!

  6. Teddy, we just read on Khyra's blog that your mom is out of work. Although we know it is the economy not her skills, we still think it is very unfair that good deserving people must face tough times. Tell your mom not to worry that everything will be fine...she has the most marvelous support network, a very loving family, and lots of us DWBers who care (as well as that bountiful garden!). Know we are sending positive energy and Eskie love your way.

  7. Teddy, I'm sorry your Mommy's work ended, but I know she will find something. You must give your grandpa a lick and kiss for his birthday. I loved my grandpa, and I was really sad when he crossed over the rainbow bridge.
    Eskie Power,

  8. Happy Birthday to your GRandpa!
    Yummy cake for him... and you all!
    Kisses and hugs