Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week eleven in the garden

Well it didn't take Mommy and Daddy long to make up for the worst Sadderday ever!  Today we went back to Pinecrest.  My Daddy caught his limit of five Trout.  Yummy!  Mommy is going to make some for dinner tomorrow night.  Sierra and I had a great time roaming around the fishing hole while my Daddy fished.  Daddy says that I am a pro at being on the canoe now.  I even stood up on the top edge and hung over the side on the ride back across the lake.  Just when I thought the day couldn't get any better we went for a great hike along the lake.  Everybody slept on the drive home except Daddy.  After dinner, we checked on our veggie garden.  It was so pawesome to finally see the fruits of our labor.  We picked one tomato and one zucchini.


  1. Great shot perching at the edge of the Canoe. Were you not scared?


  2. WOW!

    What a fantastikh day woo had!

    Tank woo fur sharing it with US!


  3. Freshly caught fish AND vegetables from your own garden? Sounds like a perfect feast. Glad Sunday was a fun family day.

  4. WEek 11 on the canoe? Dog paddle, I tell you, dog paddle!
    Your veggies look great!

  5. We bet that cool breeze felt good on your face, Teddy! Lucky you to be harvesting from your garden already!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Hi, Teddy!
    Yummy fish! Glad you had fun!
    The tomato and the zucchini are pawesome!
    I can imagine the delicous dinner!
    Kisses and hugs