Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sadderday number two

My Mommy was a little lost in Orange County yesterday. I was so thrilled that she made it home safely. I wouldn't leave her side last night. But do I ever? My Daddy says that I am a Mama's Boy. I am sad to report that today was another Sadderday. I should have known My Parents were up to something when we went for a morning walk. They went to my cousin's Graduation pawty. If it was a pawty, I wonder why Sierra and I weren't invited? My Parents got home a little late. Do you see what time it is? It's 8:30! Our dinner time is 7 sharp. We ate dinner a little before 8 then got our Greenie and it was almost 8:30 when we sat down for the blog photo. I guess they made up for when they made me my own hamburger. I love hamburgers! Don't you?


  1. Wow!

    Your OWN hamburger?

    They really did feel guilty!


  2. WOWZA! Your own burger? We gotta sit down an' have a talk with our momma 'bout her cooking. We think we need more of it!

  3. Our own burgers would make up for a whole lot of anything.

  4. Hi, Teddy!
    OMD! A big hamburger! Sure it was delicious!
    I agree with Khyra!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Sounds like your parents felt very guilty! Do you chew your burgers or swallow them whole?

  6. I think a sadderday is ok, if you are spoiled in the end with a big hamburger!