Saturday, June 27, 2009

Today we took a road trip... Nevada City to visit my Grandma, her boyfriend, and my Uncle Harley. It was HOT today so we were glad to be going to the mountains where it would be a little cooler. My human aunts, uncles, and cousins were meeting us there. I was especially excited to see my German Shepherd Uncle Harley. When we arrived I was sad to find out that Uncle Harley had crossed the rainbow bridge on Monday morning. We all stopped by his burial place and said a prayer. He was a great Uncle and I will miss him a lot. The rest of the day was filled with fun despite the sad news. There were no fences, no streets, no cars driving by, just the open wilderness. Sierra and I were able to explore nine huge acres. We were all having fun when someone noticed this little frog had been crushed by the door. What a terrible way to cross the bridge. Mommy wanted me to have a photo shoot next to this pretty plant so I let her. When we came home it was 92 degrees inside. Daddy turned on the AC right away and it has already cooled down to 88 degrees. My friends, I hope all of you are staying cool!


  1. We are so sorry about Uncle Harley. Does sound like a new area to explore.

  2. Sorry about your Unkhle Harley....

    Too many new residents at The Rainbow Bridge this week...

    I am glad woo had a fun day of exploration!


  3. Hi, Teddy!
    I am so sorry to know about Uncle Harley.
    Sounds like you and your family had a great time!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. We're so sorry to hear about your Uncle Harley - may he be running free...!

  5. Sorry about your Uncle Harley.
    It is hot here too, but the A/C helps to cool our furs.

  6. Awww little dog.. I'm so sowwy's to hear about your Uncle Harley.. he had a Pawsome name that's for sure..
    Glad your visit went well despite the saddy news..


  7. We're sorry to hear about Uncle Harley. And we are also sorry about the froggie. I think that froggie must be related to the froggie that was in my attic. They just do not have good common sense and get themselves into quite a jam.