Thursday, February 12, 2009

I got to go...

...for a car ride today.  Mommy had to run a few errands and took me along.  Sierra couldn't go because she was a bad girl during our walk today.  She found a Reese's Fast Break wrapper and decided to rub her neck in it.  Uh oh!  Mommy didn't have time to wash her after our walk since we had to get going so Sierra had to stay home.  We went to See's Candy and Target.  Fun!


  1. Whoa...Sierra just rubbed her neck in CHOCOLATE and she got grounded for THAT? Man, your mom runs a tight ship! Sierra was probably just trying to get ready for Valentine's Day...chocolate perfume...what could be more appropriate?

  2. The car ride looks like fun! Feel that breeeeezzzze!!!

    Sierra does not sound like the typical dog. Rubbing her NECK in it? I'd rub my TONGUE on it to taste the chocolate!! Sierra is too silly.

  3. Oh no! I thought you really had to go.....after you ate some chocolate! Glad that was not the case! hee hee
    Looks like you had a fun ride in the car!