Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Hi friends, I'm back!  I'm so thankful that my parents are back too.  I was beginning to have blogging withdrawal.  My parents went to Canada to visit their very good friends (and to snowboard).  Can you believe they went to the snow without me?  I know, I can't believe it either.  Sierra and I stayed with our grandparents and our Uncle Bey Bey.  We have a great time but were SO happy when Mommy and Daddy came home today.  Their very good friends also have furry kids, boy are they cute!


  1. Hi Teddy,

    Too bad your parents did not take you with them to Canada. It would have been so fun to play with all that snow!


  2. That is SNOW not fair!

    I hope they brought woo some good snoofin' scents from the khanadian khanines!


  3. man i'm going through withdrawal too! what can we do to get these hoomans to blog more often?

  4. Welcome back, everyone and everyDOG! While your parents' friends' dogs might be cute, I have to say you and Sierra are cuter :-) Of course, I'm partial.