Friday, October 5, 2012

Every morning...

...when Mommy wakes up, she opens the door and lets me out into our backyard.  We've been having some cool mornings lately (after the heat wave) so I've been staying out there a little longer than usual.  Mommy was getting ready for work while Daddy was making green smoothies when I came back into the house.  When Daddy saw me, he ran toward me to smell the dirtiness that was all over my fur.  He told me to get back outside but I didn't want to...I mean I had just come inside.  But he told me again so out I went.  Mommy had to take off her work clothes and get into her "Teddy and Sierra spa day" clothes.  I went in to the bathtub and was given a half bath.
 Oopsie, did I make you late for work, Mommy?  Mommy and Daddy can't figure out what it was that I rolled in.  Daddy picked up all of our doggy dropping last night so it will always remain a mystery because I'll never tell.


  1. Keep those peeps guessing and never tell them! And be sure to do it again on Monday. Humans love being late for work one Monday!!

  2. You did make quite the mess of yourself, Teddy! We bet you were planning on trying to keep your mom home all day with you, right?

    Love ya lots
    Mitch and Molly

  3. Oh silly Teddy and not telling!

    Stop on by for a visit

  4. Was it cat poop, Teddy? My sister, Puff, LOVES to roll in that and we have several neighbor cats that oblige her by leaving rolling material in our yard. Momma has the same response to her...bathtime!