Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week thirty three in the garden

There's a new mouse in our yard and he lives in a corn. He's kinda cute so we will let him stay.

The baby bells are still sprouting giving us hope that we will continue to harvest the sweet little peppers. 

There are new Brandy Wine tomatoes growing so thankfully we didn't wait all summer for nothing like we thought.

New mint leaves were a surprise too. 

This baby snail was cruisin for a bruisin on our kale plants so daddy quickly whisked it away. 

 In case of the occasional burn Mommy or Daddy might get we have a little Aloe Vera plant to soothe our skin. It's grown very slowly in the shade but a little is better than no growth. 

 Swiss Chard is so pretty Mommy can't wait for the cooler weather so this plant can really take off. Even though summer is over we are still seeing a lot of new growth in our garden maybe we can keep it going all winter this year.


  1. You still have many beautiful plants growing in your garden!! Sadly, we had a hard frost tonight so don't think anything will survive. :(

    Happy Monday!!
    Chloe and LadyBug

  2. So nice of you to let that new guy stay!

  3. Frost warning here on Sat night so lots of digging and picking. Then, it didn't frost. Blech.

    Your chard is beautiful!


  4. Just be careful he doesn't start eating everything
    Benny & Lily