Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week ten in the garden

We couldn't believe how much our potato plants grew this week. Sierra and I counted twenty seven plants!
We transported some of our seedlings into bigger pots.
The turnips are beginning to sprout.
I think our mint plants have grown just a tiny bit.
Look at these gorgeous strawberries. We harvested these today. We didn't get to eat any of them today. It was a busy day. I'm keeping my paws crossed for tomorrow.
Here is a glimpse of Grandma and Grandpa's plum tree. It's a huge tree and we can't wait to harvest all the plums. We are very excited!!!
It was Grandma's birthday today. All the humans went out to dinner to celebrate. Can you believe there weren't any leftovers? Ugh! Mommy made a homemade vanilla cake with chocolate frosting for Grandma. It was served wit vanilla ice cream. Did I mention it was delicious? So delicious that we forgot to take pictures. But all the pups had our share of vanilla cake (minus the frosting) and ice cream. Hurray for birthdays!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Grandma! Sounds like fun was had by all! AND what great treats!

  2. Hi Teddy,
    Nice to see that ur garden is shaping up so well.
    Your strawberries reminded us of a lovely trip we had to a strawberry farm last month. must tell about it soon.
    Wish Ur Grandmom a VERY HAPPY BDAY.

    Mummy wants to send ur mummy some of those glass bangles she so likes. but she says u live so far away n because they are made of sheer glass they might break.
    such a shame. maybe she will figure out some way.

    Btw, we wish we could come fr that delicious cake
    wags, Ginger n Buddy

  3. Happy Birthday to your grandma!

    Thanks fur the garden updates too!


  4. your plants are looking wonderful!

  5. What a great garden you have!!! It's fun to watch it grow. Happy Birthday to your grandma too!!!


  6. Happy Birthday, Grandma!
    Are your plants growing faster than the last year?? Wow!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Happy Birthday to Grandma! Glad you and Sierra got to share in the cake and ice cream. Your garden is already looking good!

  8. You definitely have a green paw, the garden looks great.
    And glad you got some cake and ice cream too!