Saturday, February 4, 2012

Milo's Baby Sister's Birthday

Today we loaded up the truck and went to see Milo. Milo's pawrents were throwing a 1st birthday party for his little Sister. We stopped at Costco on the way to exchange a gift. Sierra and I waited with Daddy in the truck while Mommy went inside.

After our dinner, Mommy thought it was really cute that I found a soft place to eat my after dinner greenie. Thanks Milo for hosting our own little puppy pawty.


  1. Looking good there. I enjoy sitting in the car with Finn sometimes too - I really wonder what she is thinking when Pops runs inside a store. Have a good Sunday!

  2. That's so fun! My job is to guard the car when we run quick errands. I typically sit in the drivers seat for the best view of any bad guys.



    PS. I got a white foster sister this weekend. She reminded me a little of you guys.

  3. Happy birthday to Milo's sissy! Your greenie looks yummy, Teddy. Mom won't let me have them. She's so mean!

    Love ya lots,

    1. hey Teddy,

      You look so cute sitting in the car waiting for you mom. I don't see any snow, though. Bummers! None here, either.

      Greenies are so good! Happy Birthday to Milo's sister, and how fun to have a pawty!