Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sierra's Scoop

Happy Tuesday, everyone...it's Sierra! I am joining with my brother Teddy Bear to protest in the kitchen! We are having a sit down till somebody agrees to meet our demands. We want more of our homemade pumpkin cookies that we get every day for breakfast and lunch. We also want twice as much beef and duck jerky. Lastly, next time hamburgers are made Teddy and I want full size patties, not slider size, please. Ok? Until our demands are met we will continue sit here in solidarity.


  1. I'll be doubting your resolve when someone drops a yummy on that floor ;)

  2. hey Sierra,

    I must woof you and Teddy are holding one of the best protests - no, make that THE BEST protest ever! I agree 100% with every demand you have made! I stand firmly behind you pups! Solidarity!


  3. More is always better! We're with you, guys!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. We're also backing you two.

    That protest wouldn't work with Dad in our house. Mom is a softy - she would meet our demands.

    Hugs and yips,
    Cappy and Ollie

  5. Maybe you should save your list of demands until AFTER Christmas...and after the "naughty" and "nice" list thing. Heck, it is only a couple of days, and then we will sit by you in solidarity.

  6. Those are reasonable requests!

    Stop on by for a visit