Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sierra's Scoop

First of all I want to start out by saying I'm ok so don't be too sad during my story about what happened today. So the girl next door was looking through the fence huffing and puffing at Brother Bear and me, so I pounced the fence right where her face was to let her know how much I don't like it when she does that. During the commotion I did feel a little pain in my right front paw but I was too worked up by our fence line scuffle to pay it any attention. Then it really started to sting and then it started throbbing. I broke two of my nails, one in half and the other almost down to the skin. Daddy and Mommy were eating dinner so they didn't see my injury until after I left a blood trail all over the patio then into the house across the carpet and up onto the leather couch. Mommy went into panic mode when she saw the blood everywhere she even cried a little with me when Daddy was pouring hydrogen peroxide on my paw. The bleeding stopped in less than 10 minutes. The bandage is big and clumsy so I can hardly walk while wearing it but I will let this one heal along time before I do any thing like this again.

Sierra's Mommy here. Boy, when it rains it pours. It's hard to believe that clawing a fence can break a pup's nails.:( Sierra hates when we clean her wound but other than that she's great. She's playful, cuddly, still loves treat and dinner time. I actually think she enjoys not going for walks. Still, it breaks my heart that my Baby Girl has not one but two owies.:(


  1. Awww poor Sierra! Glad she'll be ok!
    ~Milly and Shelby

  2. OH NO!! I'm so sorry about your ouchie!! I'm sending like 498753946520365 million huggies and lovies to woo and your momma!!

    Wags and woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  3. Oh MY!! Poor little girl!! Dory has a habit of breaking her nails too...mostly jumping on the trees. Hang in there Sierra!!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Beth, Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  4. Ouch! We hope your paw heals fast! We're glad to see you smiling even though you have a hurty!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. omd--sierra~! i hope you get well soon~!! i hope this never happens to my nails. i wouldn't be as tough as you. :(


  6. Oh, I'm so sorry! Bless your little heart! You're a very good protector with lots of courage and spunk. I hope you heal so fast....in my heart, I'm sending you lots of cuddles and ear rubs!

  7. Your paw looks so sore, Sierra! We hope it heals quickly so you'll be back to walkies with Teddy soon!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Poor Sierra. It looks very scary! I hope you are feeling a little better now that mommy and daddy cleaned it and wrapped it up. Please be very careful not to get an infection. We are sending lots of healing vibes and positive thoughts your way!

  9. Sierra-

    You look like a good patient. Get well soon!


  10. Oh, Sierra!
    Glad to know you are not in pain!
    Please, take care.
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Siera! We sure hope your paw is much better today! Please be careful. WE are sending over lots of healing purrs!

  12. Ouchie, ouchie, ouchie! I'm Most Sorry abouts your paw, Sierra. I hope it gets better soon. At least your bandage matches your pretty furs!

    Wiggles & Wags,