Saturday, April 18, 2009

Look at what...

...My Mommy and Daddy found today.  Well, they found it and then bought it.  My Daddy has been wanting to get a retractable leash for Sierra but Mommy says we are on a budget and she has a leash that works just fine.  They were at Ross today and saw this set for $6.99 so Daddy bought it.  Look who's being advertised?  Eskies!  How pawesome is that?  Does anyone know who this is?  I want to say thanks!  It was really warm today during our walk.  I drank almost all of the water in the water bottle by myself.  Boy!  It's supposed to be even warmer tomorrow.  I better tell Mommy and Daddy to bring more water tomorrow.


  1. Nice stuff Teddy. Eskies are good models for ads, so white and fluffy.


  2. Khool!

    They were furry good shoppers!

    Happy Sunday!


  3. Hi, Teddy!
    Sure is a pawesome set and at a very good price!
    I have one of those bottles but I refuse to drink outside! My mom brings it everyday for my walkies but I have never used it.
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Cool Dog Walker set! But, between the two of us, we really know who is walking whom, don't we? Hee hee!

    My secretary has been really busy lately so we apologize for not blogging much. Hopefully in a couple weeks things will be back to normal.

    I am going to check out the rest of your posts now!

    Oh, hey, we had a lot of wind here on Tuesday I think it was. My little tomato plant nearly was blown down. His stem was not strong because we had him in a pot on our window sill for 2 weeks and then decided it was time to plant him outside(well, my mom finally had time). He was already spindlely... poor thing... then the wind nearly knocked him to his feet. I hope Mr. Tomato Plant feels better soon.

  5. Teddy, did you ever win anything from Chase's Auction? Somehow I recall maybe you bid on an eskie sticker or cling-on?