Thursday, January 19, 2012

This is funny but...

Daddy said I'm not a little Husky, I'm fat. I don't feel overweight but my sister Sierra might be. She's not nearly as fluffy but weighs the same as I do. I say it's time for her to get more exercise and maybe smaller portions. Daddy said that it might be time for me to go on a diet too. Hmmmmm...I don't know how I feel about this.


  1. You guys don't look fat. Well, maybe you'll need a little exercise, but that would probably be enough.

    Anyway, if your Daddy requires you to diet, worry not, it's for the best.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  2. Aw, don't fret too much. We told Finn she wasn't fat, she was phat. :)

  3. Just make sure it inkhludes those tasty green beans!!!

    When Khamp Khyra is in session, we make sure Khousin Merdie's meals inkhlude them -

    AND I just have to get some of my own!

    PeeEssWoo: I vote MORE walks!

  4. hahah aww that picture. You are also very furry!

  5. We sure hope that all of your yummy treats don't have to stop, Teddy and Sierra. That would be awful!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. so cute!! We tell mom its all muscle... This is the first day in awhile blogger is allowing us to post a comment on your blog
    Benny & Lily