Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week nine in the garden

Mommy kicked things off with a batch of applesauce. Daddy, Sierra and I thought it was delicious. Mommy uses it mostly for our cookies.
Then we got to work. Daddy transported our seedlings into bigger pots. We hope to see them grow quickly.
Look at all our seedlings!
We didn't harvest the two strawberries that were ready. I'm happy to report that there are lots of strawberries growing. I hope they turn red soon!
The potatoes are thriving. I just wish we could see underneath all that dirt.
This is all of Daddy's hard work. Starting a garden from scratch is not easy. Daddy paved a walk way where we'll put pavers. Can you see the mint plants? Daddy planted bell peppers, turnips, and beets behind them.
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


  1. WOW you are going to have a great garden! All those goodies will taste SO good!

  2. We khan't wait to see more and more great green and growing stuffs!


  3. HI Teddy,

    Well, you really were busy weren't you? Oh that homemade applesauce looks sooo delish!

    Wish we were there with you.

    Riley and Star.

  4. We were so inspired by your seedlings and plants that we started some of our own - on a VERY small scale.

    We’re a little late getting started and so far, only the mustard spinach has sprouted.
    As soon as more green pops up, we’ll post some pictures.

    Happy gardening !
    Cappy and Oliver

  5. Hi, Teddy!
    I am sure the applesauce was delicious!
    Your Dad is working very hard with the garden!
    It is going to be pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Teddy-
    Looks great! I help plant potatoes too. Mom puts the seed potatoes in the hole and I take them out!
    You guys better start making lots of Mojitos with that mint!
    Your gardening pal,

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  8. Your dad is a great farmer!

    My mom planted 6 tomato plants and divided up 2 strawberry plants into 6. The tomato plant pots are kinda big, so she ended up putting 2 plants per container. Um, not sure how the plants will do, but last year the roots weren't taking up the whole pot. She also bought some of that miracle grow stuff, for tomatos. She was gonna get a cantalope plant, and just try that for fun.

  9. This is going to be a great gardening year! I can tell already! The berries look so promising!We had field greens from Gregg's in the ground hot house for salad at Sunday's gathering...yum!

  10. We loving watching your garden from scratch!!


  11. wow the garden sure is coming along!