Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sierra's Scoop

Wow, so much has happened since last week. Where do I begin? I got to wear my new harness during our long car ride to the mountains. I played in the snow and went for long walks to the beach.

Daddy found a stick for me to fetch but he threw it into Lake Tahoe.

I tried to get to it quickly....

but the cold water almost froze me into a pupsicle

and my stick drifted away.

This year is turning out to pretty great so far. Did anyone make any resolutions?

Here are mine:

1. I will not pretend to attack the mail man. It turns out he doesn't like it very much.
2. I will not leave stinky packages on the sidewalk. Daddy say's it's hard to pick them up.
3. I will not sneak into Mommy and Daddy's bed while they are sleeping. This one is going to be especially difficult.
4. Finally, I am going to learn some new tricks so I can be more like my brother, Teddy Bear.


  1. That water looks super cold! And those are good resolutions but I am sure glad I won't have to do #3!

  2. I think number 3 should be scratched off. What fun is life if you can't sneak into bed?

  3. Woo - We don't like #3. Do we get to vote?

  4. I agree, drop #3 from your list of resolutions! Where else WOULD you sleep beside all together? Are you back from your wonderful vacation? That water DID look VERY cold!!!

  5. We don't make any resolutions here! Too hard to keep. We just promise that we will behave!!

  6. Hmm. Yep, drop #3. If the humans didn't really WANT you there--they'd shut the door. :) Sierra, you look lovely in the snow. Could you love a cat like me??


  7. Boy, it's a good thing you have a nice warm winter coat or you would freeze for sure. Now go sit by the warm fire.

    Riley and Star.

  8. I agree with the others. #3 should be removed. Even I, Mr. Prince Peppers, like to sleep with my parents. When it gets cold, I move up closer to them and get between them.

    Wow, that water does look cold!

  9. those are very good resolutions, Sierra!
    I am sure you will accomplish them!
    Good luck!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Sierra, you don't have to learn tricks to be more like your brofur because you are PURRfect just as you are but if you want to learn some tricks to make your momma and dadda happy, that is a good thing to do!