Tuesday, March 10, 2009


...is caring.  That's what my Daddy always says.  I have been laying (just for a few seconds) on my old bed for the passed few days.  Mommy thinks it's cute.  I gave it to Sierra when she came around since I don't like to lay on beds.  I usually sleep on my tile but when it gets cold, I either go on my couch or on my parents' bed.  I wanted Sierra to know that it's still my bed (since I had it first), that is why I am leaving  my scent on it.  Ha ha!


  1. I like to share too - my couch with the girl.

  2. I like to share the couch and the bed as well...but sometimes it is nice to stretch out as far as I can on the bed all by myself (my parents take ALOT of room)!

  3. Hi, Teddy!
    I share the big bed with my mom!
    Sharing is nice... sometimes!
    Kisses and hugs