Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another hard day at work

Today was our 2nd day at work with Daddy.  We had fun watching Daddy and his employee work on all the cars.  Daddy works so hard it makes us tired.  I tried to take a nap at work but My Uncle was on my bed all day.  I let him have it since I love him so much.  After our walk, we all were very tired and ready to go night night.


  1. Great job AGAIN!

    Hey, I think two of woo will want to chekhk out my furiends' blog today

    Woo might learn some new trikhks!


  2. Hi Teddy!
    It looks like you had a hard day at work! You should take a nice long nap when you get home!

  3. Khyra, thanks for the great website. I am always eager to learn new tricks.

    Tibby, thanks for the advise. I have taken a long nap every night.

  4. Which one of you are going to be the employee of the month??
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs