Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A present for Mommy...

...from Daddy, Sierra, and me.  This is what Daddy painted and distressed for Mommy.  I guess you can say it's an early Valentine's Day gift.  It used to be plain oak but Daddy made it beautiful for Mommy.  She loves it.  Daddy did most of the hard work but Sierra and I watched over him to make sure he was doing a good job.  We approve!  So does Mommy!


  1. That was so nice of your daddy, and what a lot of work that must have been! You look great posing in front of the bookshelf too, of course!

  2. I khan be fairly khonfident some of woo and your fluff is there in the finish SOMEWHERE!

    Furry nice!

    Woo look much better than those lions that guard the libaries!


  3. You and Sierra did a great job snoopervising your Dad! Did you have to give him treats to get him to do his tricks properly?

  4. Hi Teddy!
    You guys did a great job on that gift for your mommy! I bet she just loves it!
    :) Tibby

  5. Hi, Teddy!
    Your Dad did a good job and you and Sierra too supervising him!
    I am sure your mom loves it!
    Kisses and hugs